1)Soul Mine (Average White Band/Gorrie) Click Song Title For Lyrics
2)Back to Basics (Lewis)
3)Livin’ on Borrowed Time (Average White Band/Gorrie/Lewis)
4)Every Beat of My Heart (Gorrie)
5)When We Get Down to It (Gorrie/Jones)
6)Oh Maceo (Average White Band/ Ball)
7)Do Ya Really (Average White Band/Gorrie)
8)I Wanna Be Loved (Gorrie/Hall)
9)No Easy Way to Say Goodbye (Lewis)
10)Love Is the Bottom Line (Ball/Robinson)
11)Welcome to the Real World (Average White Band/Gorrie
12)Window to Your Soul (Gorrie/Jordan)
13)You Shoulda’ Known (Greco, DeSalvo, Contreras)( Available on Japanese release only)

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