Bill Laswell – “The Seven Souls” (Burroughs, Laswell) – 5:47
Talvin Singh – “The Western Lands” (Burroughs, Talvin Singh) 6:36
DJ Soul Slinger – “The Western Lands” (Burroughs, DJ Soul Slinger) 5:09
Spring Heel Jack – “The Road to the Western Lands” (Burroughs, John Coxon, Ashley Wales) 6:17
The Audio Janitor (DJ Olive) – “Joan’s Haunted Hints at the Gate to the Western Lands” (Burroughs, DJ Olive) 6:37
Bill Laswell – “Seven Souls” [The Secret Name] (Burroughs, Laswell) 10:37
Material – “The Western Lands” [A Dangerous Road Mix] (Burroughs, Laswell) – 8:31

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