CD1 Original Album

01 Respect
02 Love The One You’re With
03 Bridge Over Troubled Water
04 Eleanor Rigby
05 Make It With You
06 Don’t Play That Song
07 Dr. Feelgood
08 Spirit In The Dark
09 Spirit In The Dark (Reprise)
10 Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)

CD2 Alternates & Unused Songs

01 Respect
02 Call Me
03 Mixed-Up Girl
04 Love The One You’re With
05 Bridge Over Troubled Water
06 Share Your Love With Me
07 Eleanor Rigby
08 Make It With You
09 You’re All I Need To Get By
10 Don’t Play That Song
11 Dr. Feelgood
12 Spirit In The Dark
13 Spirit In The Dark (Reprise)


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