1. Davy You Upset My Home
2. Come In This House
3. Another Man’s Woman
4. My Biggest Mistake
5. Right Back To My Arms
6. I Had To Come Back To You
7. She’s Mine
8. Get Way Back
9. Pneumonia
10. I Want To Have A Talk With You
11. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
12. Cut It Out Listen
13. Put Your Confidence In Me
14. Open The Door
15. Just For You And Me
16. You Little Baby Face Thing
17. Mother’s Advice
18. Charlie Brown Got Expelled
19. Blessed Are These Tears
20. Yum, Yum, Yum
21. Don’t Hold It Against Me
22. Grannie Stole The Show
23. Boys Will Be Boys
24. Baby You re Right (I’ll Hold What I Got)
25. Come On In This House (With Group Overdubbed)
26. I Want To Have A Talk With You (With Group Overdubbed)
27. Gee, I Really Want You (With Group Overdubbed)

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