01-Hot Little Mama
02-Hot Little Mama 2 (take 1)
03-I Love To Love You
04-I Love To Love You 2 (take 1)
05-I Love To Love You 4 (take 2)
06-Too Tired
07-Too Tired (alt. take)
08-Don’t Touch me
09-Don’t Touch me (I’m Gonna Hit That Highway (take 1)


01-Those Lonely Lonely Nights (Take 1,2,3,5~10)
02-Hot Little Mama #1 (Take 2~6)
03-Hot Little Mama #2 (Take 2,3,5)
04-Too Tired #3 (Take 1~3)
05-I Love To Love You #4 (Take 3~9)
06-Ruben (Take 1,2,4)
07-Love Me Baby (Take 4~6)
08-She Moves Me (Take 1~4)

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