Barrington Levy – BONUS! Collection 36 Albums

Part 1

1979-Bounty Hunter: 194 kbps

1979-Englishman – Robin Hood: 160 kbps

1979-Shaolin Temple: 196 kbps

1979-Shine Eye Gal: 160 kbps

1979-Doh Ray Me: 225 kbps

1980-Robin Hood: 192 kbps

1981-Run Come Ya!: 258-508 kbps

1982-21 Girls Salute: 226 kbps

1982-Poor Man Style: 192 kbps

1983-Making Tracks: 234 kbps

1983-Hunter man: 320 kbps

1983-Jah The Creator: 198 kbps

1983-Teach Me Culture: 128 kbps

1984-Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul: 160 kbps

1984-Money Move: 192 kbps

Part 2

1985-Here I Come: 192 kbps

1985-Place Too Dark: 225 kbps

1985-Reggae Vibes: 229 kbps

1985-Open Book: 192 kbps

1990-Barrington Levy Collection: 192 kbps

1990-Broader Than Broadway: 128 kbps

1991-Prison Oval Rock: 320 kbps

1992-Turning Point: 192 kbps

1993-Barrington: 178 kbps

1994-Divine: 192 kbps

1995-Barrington Levy’s D.J. Counteraction: 128 kbps

1995-Duets: 160-195 kbps

1996-Time Capsule: 192 kbps

1997-RAS Portraits: 133 kbps

1983-1998-Barrington Levy’s Life Style: 192 kbps

Part 3

1998-Living Dangerously: 160 kbps

1990-1998- The Best of Barrington Levy: 192 kbps

2001-Rub-a-Duble Series: 166 kbps

2002-Original Ragga Muffin Part One: 192 kbps

2004-This Is Crucial Reggae: 136 kbps

2005-Barrington Levy In Dub: 196 kbps


Reuped 12.11.2015


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