01. [04:07] The Cat [feat. Ian Stewart] (*Quincy Jones, Dave Kelly, Gary Fletcher, Tom McGuinness)
02. [03:03] Big Fine Girl [feat. Mick Weaver, Rumour Brass] (*Jimmy Witherspoon)
03. [02:03] Hey Hey Little Girl [feat. Rockin’ Dopsie, Chester Zeno] (*Tom McGuinness, Lou Stonebridge)
04. [03:59] 00 00-EE [feat. Bobby King, Willy Green, Pico Payne, Mick Weaver] (*Dave Kelly)
05. [03:42] Dont Lie to Me [feat. Jo Ann Kelly, Ian Stewart] (*Chuck Berry)
06. [03:49] Big Boss Man [feat. Phil May, Ian Stewart] (*Al Smith, Luther Dixon)
07. [02:42] Bad Penny Blues [feat. Ian Stewart, Charlie Watts, Dave Green] (*Humphrey Lyttelton)
08. [03:45] When I Itches I Scratch [feat. Katie Webster] (*Dave Kelly)
09. [04:19] Bad Boy [feat. Big Joe Duskin, Plas Johnson] (*Paul Jones)
10. [03:49] Can’t Get My Ass in Gear [feat. Mike Sanchez, Plas Johnson] (*Terry “Tex” Comer)
11. [03:49] Normal Service [feat. Memphis Horns] (*Tom McGuinness, Rob Gallagher)
12. [05:32] Leaving [feat. Plas Johnson, Memphis Horns, Peter Filleul] (*Dave Kelly, Terry “Tex” Comer, Peter Filleul)
13. [03:38] Longing for You Baby [feat. Bob Hall, Geraint Watkins] (*Dave Kelly)
14. [05:26] Fat City [feat. Nat Adderley, Kokomo Singers] (*Peter Green, Tom McGuinness, Lou Stonebridge)
15. [03:12] Let the Good Times Roll [feat. Jools Holland] (*Fleecie Moore, Sam Theard)
16. [03:47] C.C.Rider [feat. Mike Paice, Jona Lewie, Fiona Hendley] (*Traditional)
17. [02:42] Swin Out Dave [feat. Peter King, Onslaught Orchestra] (*Tom McGuinness)
18. [03:56] What You Wanted [feat. Pee Wee Ellis, Georgie Fame] (*Paul Jones)
19. [04:03] Half the Man (Twice the Fool) [feat. Ian McLagan] (*Paul Jones, Tom McGuinness)
20. [04:10] Resting on Jesus [feat. Chris Barber] (*Traditional)

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