01-Don’t Start Me Talking
02-Wee Baby Blues
04-Hey Baby Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
05-Louisiana Blues
07-That’s All
08-Shoot Her If She Runs
09-Rich Man
10-Mole On The Dole
11-Standing By A River
12-Let’s Work Together
13-Losing The Humbles
14-Shopping Bag People
15-Running Out Of Time
16-Mighty Fire
01-Together And Free
02-Couldn’t Get It Right
03-Watcha Feel
04-Like A Movie
05-Children Of The Nighttime
06-Gotta Have More Love
07-I Love You
08-Cutting Up Rough
09-The Last Chance Saloon
10-Friends In High Places
11-Listen To The Night
12-The Movie Queen
13-California Sunshine
14-Ordinary People
15-Fool For The Bright Lights
16-Don’t Start Me Talking (Live)

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