01 That Girl (05m 15s)
02 Ribbon In The Sky (05m 38s)
03 Do I Do (10m 29s)
04 Love Light In Flight (06m 54s)
05 I Just Called To Say I Love You (04m 23s)
06 Overjoyed (03m 43s)
07 Part-Time Lover (04m 12s)
08 Go Home (05m 19s)
09 You Will Know (05m 00s)
10 Skeletons (05m 24s)
11 Gotta Have You (06m 26s)
12 These Three Words (04m 54s)
13 For Your Love (05m 00s)
14 How Come, How Long (Babyface feat. Stevie Wonder) (05m 11s)

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