01 A Place in the Sun (02m 47s)
02 Blowin’ in the Wind (03m 03s)
03 I Was Made to Love Her (02m 34s)
04 I’m Wondering (02m 51s)
05 Thank You Love (02m 51s)
06 Uptight (Everything’s Allright) (02m 50s)
07 Music Talk (02m 49s)
08 Be Cool, Be Calm (02m 38s)
09 Travelin’ Man (02m 42s)
10 Fingertips (06m 19s)
11 Workout Stevie, Workout (02m 40s)
12 Contract on Love (02m 00s)
13 I Call it Pretty Music (02m 26s)
14 Smile (03m 20s)
15 Put on a Happy Face (02m 38s)
16 With a Song in My Heart (03m 12s)

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