01 Superstition (04m 28s)
02 Sir Duke (03m 54s)
03 I Wish (04m 14s)
04 Masterblaster (Jammin’) (05m 09s)
05 Isn’t She Lovely (03m 21s)
06 I Just Called To Say I Love You (04m 23s)
07 Ebony & Ivory (03m 42s)
08 As (03m 29s)
09 Never Had A Dream Come True (03m 13s)
10 I Was Made To Love Her (02m 37s)
11 Heaven Help Us All (03m 13s)
12 Overjoyed (03m 44s)
13 Lately (04m 07s)
14 For Your Love (05m 02s)
15 If You Really Love Me (03m 00s)
16 Higher Ground (03m 44s)
17 Do I Do (05m 05s)
18 Living For The City (03m 41s)
19 Part-Time Lover (04m 14s)

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