Bootsy’s New Rubber Band – Blasters of the Universe (2xCD) (1994) (320 Kbps)

Disc 1:
1. Funk Express Card (W.Collins) 5:53
2. J.R. (Just Right) (W.Collins, B.Worrell, Frankie Waddy, Don Davis) 6:48
3. Blasters of the Universe (W.Collins, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner) 6:45
4. Bad Girls (W.Collins, Joel Johnson, Lawrence Cornett, Anthony Cole) 5:40
5. Back-N-The Day (W.Collins, Phelps Collins, David Spradley, M.Parker) 6:16
6. Where R The Children (W.Collins, Cynthia Girty, Tony Walker, Carolyn Stanford) 4:36
7. Female Trouble’s (The National Anthem) (W.Collins) 4:33
8. Wide Track (W.Collins, F.Wesley, Mike Mitchell, Vince Campbell) 5:08
9. Funk Me Dirty (W.Collins, G.Clinton, Trey Stone) 5:39
10. Blasters (feat. Eddie Hazel) (W.Collins, Eddie Hazel) 6:59
11. Good Nite Eddie (W.Collins, Eddie Hazel, Gary James) 4:23
12. A Sacred Place (W.Collins, Greg Fitz) 3:36
13. Half Past Midnight (W.Collins) 2:37
14. It’s A Silly Serious World (W.Collins) 5:17

Disc 2:
1. J.R. (Just Right) 5:05
2. Funk Express Card 4:50
3. Back N The Day 6:28
4. Bad Girls 4:59
5. Good Nite Eddie 4:24
6. Where R The Children 4:21
7. Funk Me Dirty 5:53
8. It’s A Silly Serious World 5:09
9. A Sacred Place 4:21


320 kbps  – Florenfile

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