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Pick Up The Pieces

Average White Band – The Very Best Of The Average White Band (1996) (320Kbps) (Compilation)

01. Pick Up The Pieces 02. Let’s Go Round Again 03. Put It Where You Want It 04. Atlantic Avenue 05. When Will You Be Mine 06. The…

Sleepless Nights

Average White Band – (1985) (320Kbps) (Solo works & other Album’s)

01 – Up 02 – Electric Between Us 03 – Diary Of A Fool 04 – That Kinda Girl 05 – I Can Take It 06 – The…

The Collection Vol.1 & Vol.2

Average White Band – The Collection Vol.1 & Vol.2 (2009) (320Kbps) (Compilation) (CD1-2)

Vol.1 Cd1 1The Jugglers 4:51 2This World Has Music 5:58 3Twilight Zone 5:29 4Put It Where You Want It 5:17 5Show Your Hand 4:30 6Back In ’67 4:12…

Greatest & Latest

Average White Band – Greatest & Latest (2005) (320Kbps) (Compilation)

1) Spirit of Love (with Chaka Khan & Ronnie Laws) 2) Pick Up the Pieces 3) In The Beginning (live at the Mt. Fuji Festival, Japan) 4) Let’s…

The Ultimate Collection

Average White Band – The Ultimate Collection (2003) (320Kbps) (Compilation) (CD1-2)

Disc 1 1. Pick Up The Pieces 2. Put It Where You Want It 3. The Jugglers 4. Person To Person 5. You Got It 6. Work To…

Soul & The City.

Average White Band – Soul & The City. (2006) (320Kbps)

1) The Jugglers (AWB/Gorrie) 2) McEwan’s Export (Gorrie) 3) When Will You Be Mine (AWB/Gorrie) 4) Queen Of My Soul (Stuart) 5) Love Won’t Let Me Wait (Barrett,…

Live At Montreux '77

Average White Band – Live At Montreux ’77 (2005) (192Kbps)

01 – Pick Up The Pieces 02 – Work To Do 03 – A Love Of Your Own 04 – Person To Person 05 – Got The Love…

Living In Colour

Average White Band – Living In Colour (2003) (FLAC+320Kbps)

1) Check Your Groove ( Gorrie, Jones, Vigdor) 2) Down To The River (Gorrie) 3) Living In Colour (Gorrie, Noble) 4) One Of My Heartbeats (Gorrie, Jones) 5)…


Average White Band – Tonight (2002) (192Kbps)

1)Things (AWB/Gorrie) 2)Jugglers (Gorrie) 3)Walk On By(Bacharach/David) 4)I’m The One (Ball/Gorrie/Stuart/White) 5)A Love of Your Own (Doheny/Stuart) 6)Got The Love (AWB/Stuart) 7)Pick Up The Pieces (Ball/Duncan/Gorrie/McIntyre/McIntosh/Stuart) 8)Person To…

Face To Face

Average White Band – Face To Face (1999) (192Kbps)

1)Soul Mine (AWB/Gorrie/Lewis) 2)Got the Love (AWB/Stuart) 3)Love of Your Own (Doheny/Stuart ) 4)Oh, Maceo (AWB/Ball) 5)Back to Basics ( Lewis) 6)Work to Do (Isley Brothers) 7)Every Beat…

Soul Tattoo

Average White Band – Soul Tattoo (1997) (FLAC+320Kbps)

1)Soul Mine (Average White Band/Gorrie) Click Song Title For Lyrics 2)Back to Basics (Lewis) 3)Livin’ on Borrowed Time (Average White Band/Gorrie/Lewis) 4)Every Beat of My Heart (Gorrie) 5)When…

Words On Black Plastic

Average White Band – Words On Black Plastic (1970) (320Kbps) (Solo works & other Album’s)

01 – Promisses Of Spring 02 – The Wrong Person 03 – Last Breakfast 04 – Get Behind Me Satan 05 – Put Your Money On A Pony…

Pick Up The Pieces

Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces (1996) (320Kbps) (Compilation)

01. Pick Up The Pieces 02. Let’s Go Round Again 03. Atlantic Avenue 04. Queen Of My Soul 05. Work To Do 06. Please Don’t Fall In Love…

The Best Of

Average White Band – The Best Of (1992) (292-302Kbps) (Compilation)

01. Pick Up the Pieces [0:04:02.29] 02. Person To Person [0:03:42.64] 03. Got The Love [0:03:53.86] 04. You Got It [0:03:36.36] 05. Work To Do [0:03:22.06] 06. Cut…

Definitive Ben E King Anthology Seven- Benny And Us

Average White Band – Definitive Ben E King Anthology Seven- Benny And Us (1996) (256Kbps)

01. Get It Up For Love [0:04:35.82] 02. Fool For You Anyway [0:05:39.84] 03. A Star In The Ghetto [0:07:02.22] 04. The Message [0:05:19.10] 05. What Is Soul?…

Live On The Test

Average White Band – Live On The Test (1995) (320Kbps)

01 – Put It Where You Want It 02 – Show Your Hand 03 – If I Ever Lose This Heaven 04 – Cloudy 05 – Pick Up…


Average White Band – Aftershock (1989) (FLAC+320Kbps)

1)The Spirit Of Love (Gorrie/Lewis) 2)Sticky Situation (Gorrie/Noble/Calhoun) 3)Aftershock (Gorrie/Lambert/Golde) 4)Love At First Sight (Ohio Players) 5)I’ll Get Over You (Gorrie/Noble/Calhoun) 6)Later We’ll Be Greater (Lewis/Ball/Robie) 7)Let’s Go…

Cupid's In Fashion

Average White Band – Cupid’s In Fashion (1982) (FLAC+320Kbps)

1)You’re My Number One (Hartman) 2)Easier Said Than Done (Kashif) 3)You Wanna Belong (Ball/Cherry) 4)Cupid’s In Fashion (Stuart/Gorrie/Ball/AWB) 5)Theatre of Excess ( Gorrie/AWB) 6)I Believe (Falsey/Faltermeyer) 7)Is It…

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