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Buddy Miles – Food For The I (2008) (192Kbps)

01-Main Intro 02-Spiritual 03-1’s and 1’s 04-Meditating Thoughts 05-Swim and Give Thanks 06-Main Stream Download MP3 Uploaded


Buddy Miles – The Band Of Gypsys Return (2006) (320Kbps) (feat. Billy Cox)

01-Power Of Soul 7:23 02-Machine Gun 12:24 03-Manic Depression 5:04 04-You’ve Got The Best In Town 3:17 05-Let Your Word Be Your Bond 3:50 06-Stone Free 4:11 07-Power…


Buddy Miles – Changes (2005) (192Kbps) (DVD RIP)

01-Bad Bad Misses 02-Knock On Wood 03-Come Together 04-Medley: a) Peter Gunn b) Take You Higher c) Superstition 05-Changes 06-Life Is What You Make It 07-How Long For…


Buddy Miles – Blues Berries (2002) (320Kbps) (feat. Rocky Athas)

01-Tobacco Road 02-Big Mama 03-Compassion For The Blues 04-Live Is What 05-Rock & Roll 06-Come On Back 07-Texas Cannonball 08-Bayou Delta 09-Miss Suga’ Fine 10-Down At The Crossroads…


Buddy Miles – Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (1997) (320Kbps)

01-Bad Bad Misses 07:02 02-Knock On Wood 08:26 03-Red House 12:01 04-Come Together 12:58 05-Peter Gunn / Take Higher / Superstition 11:44 06-Life Is What You Make It…


Buddy Miles – Miles Away From Home (1997) (320Kbps)

01-The Change 5:22 02-Nakupenda Be Be Wa Wa 3:58 03-Best Friend 4:26 04-Alright 5:03 05-Lord Budwick 0:10 06-Don’t Run 5:37 07-Dreams 5:46 08-Magic To Me 4:19 09-Over And…


Buddy Miles – The Best Of Buddy Miles (1997) (320Kbps)

01-Train 02-Miss Lady 03-69 Freedom Special 04-Texas 05-Them Changes 06-Dreams 07-Memphis Train 08-Runaway Child (Little Miss Nothin’) 09-We Got To Live Together 10-Joe Tex 11-Don’t Keep Me Wondering…


Buddy Miles – Hell And Back (1994) (320Kbps) (as Buddy Miles Express)

01-Born Under A Bad Sign 02-The Change 03-All Along The Watchtower 04-Let It Be Me 05-Come Back Home 06-Be Kind To Your Girlfriend 07-The Decision 08-Nothing Left To…


Buddy Miles – Tribe Vibe (1993) (192Kbps) (as Buddy Miles and The Mighty Rhythm Tribe)

01-Tuff Love 02-Mighty Rhythm Tribe 03-Changes 04-Do Me A Favour 05-Life And Love 06-Tribe Vibe 07-Please Don’t Stop My Heart 08-Sugar Baby 09-You’ve Changed 10-M.R.T. Party Theme (I…


Buddy Miles – Greatest Christmas Hits (1991) (192Kbps)

01-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 02-Jingle Bell Rock 03-Winter Wonderland 04-White Christmas 05-Silent Night 06-Sleigh Ride 07-Frosty The Snowman 08-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 09-It’s Christmas Again…


Buddy Miles – The Return Of The Band Of Gypsys (1984) (192Kbps) (FM Radio Broadcast)(Bootleg)(feat. Billy Cox & Randy Hansen)

01-Killing Floor 02-Manic Depression 03-Spanish Castle Magic 04-Message To Love 05-Little Wing 06-Castle Made Of Sand 07-Hey Joe 08-Who Knows 09-Machine Gun 10-Fire 11-Red House 12-All Along The…


Buddy Miles – Sneak Attack (1981) (192Kbps) (Vinyl Rip)(as Buddy Miles Regiment)

01-Latin Rock Fusion 6:55 02-Can You Hold Me 5:37 03-Sunshine Of Your Love 5:42 04-I’ve Made My Mind Up 7:42 05-Working Hard Every Day 10:35 06-Colossus 4:56 07-Let’s…


Buddy Miles – Roadrunner (1977) (320Kbps)

01-Roadrunner /Roadrunner Stomp 02-I Love You More And More 03-Rambler 04-Pretty Bird 05-Stink Rock 06-Like In A Full Moon 07-Gentle Thoughts 08-Take Care Of Yourself Download MP3 Uploaded


Buddy Miles – Bicentennial Gathering Of The Tribes (1976) (192Kbps)

01-Now’s The Time (You’ve Got To Be Real) 3:43 02-Where You Gonna Run To Lady 3:45 03-Inflation 4:41 04-I’ve Got To Be Me 4:35 05-Grecian Lady 3:27 06-Won’t…


Buddy Miles – More Miles Per Gallon (1975) (192Kbps) (Vinyl Rip)

01-Rockin’ And Rollin’ On The Streets Of Hollywood 02-Do It To Me 03-Blues City 04-Nasty Disposition 05-Not Time For Sorrow 06-Nichols Canyon Funk 07-Livin’ In The Right Space…


Buddy Miles – All The Faces of Buddy Miles (1974) (320Kbps) (Vinyl Rip)

01-Pull Yourself Together (4:21) 02-We Got Love (3:18) 03-All The Faces (2:48) 04-I’m Just A Kiss Away (3:08) 05-It’s Only The Good Times (3:55) 06-Got To Find Ms….


Buddy Miles – Chapter VII (1973) (160Kbps) (Vinyl Rip)(as Buddy Miles Band)

01-L.A. Resurrection 02-Life Is What You Make It ( part 1 ) 03-Elvira 04-Hear No Evil 05-Love Affair 06-Life Is What You Make It ( part 2 )…


Buddy Miles – Booger Bear (1973) (192Kbps) (Vinyl Rip)(as Buddy Miles Express)

01-Booger Bear 02-Thinking Of You 03-Why 04-You Really got Me 05-Love 06-United Nations Stomp 07-Crazy Love 08-You Are Everything 09-Louie’s Blues Download MP3 Uploaded

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