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Curtis Mayfield – Give It Up – The Best Of The Curtom Years 1970-1977 (1998) (192Kbps)

01)Wild And Free 02)Move On Up 03)Mighty Mighty (Spade An Whitey) 04)We Got To Have Peace 05)Never Say You Can’t Survive 06)If I Where Only A Child Again…

Mayfield Remixed - The Curtis Mayfield Collection

Curtis Mayfield – Mayfield Remixed – The Curtis Mayfield Collection (2005) (FLAC+160-224kbps)

01)Superfly (Little Louie Vega EOL Mix) 02)Do We Wap Is Strong In Here (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit) 03)Move On Up (Eric Kupper Vocal Mix) 04)We’re A Winner (Grandmaster Flash…


Curtis Mayfield – Superfly (full solo career compilation) (1999) (320Kbps)

1) Superfly 2) Soul Music 3) So In Love 4) Party Night 5) Need Someone To Love 6) Homeless 7) This Year 8) Show Me Love 9) Billy…

New World Order

Curtis Mayfield – New World Order (1996) (FLAC+320kbps)

01)New World Order 02)Ms. Martha 03)Back To Living Again 04)No One Knows About A Good Thing You Dont Have To Cry 05)Just A Little Bit Of Love 06)We…


Curtis Mayfield – Curtis Mayfield’s Chicago Soul (1995) (192Kbps)

01)Opals – You Can’t Hurt Me No More 02)Walter Jackson – What Would You Do 03)Major Lance – I’m The One Who Loves You 04)Billy Butler & The…


Curtis Mayfield – Take It To The Streets (1990) (192Kbps)

1)Homeless 2)Got to Be Real 3)Do Be Down 4)Who Was That Lady 5)On and On 6)He’s a Fly Guy 7)Don’t Push 8)I Mo Git U Sucka   Download…


Curtis Mayfield – We Come in Peace With A Message Of Love (1985) (192Kbps)

1)We Come in Peace 2)Baby It’s You 3)Body Guard 4)Breakin’ in the Streets 5)Everybody Needs a Friend 6)This Love is True 7)We Got to Have Peace (1985 version)…


Curtis Mayfield – Honesty (1983) (192Kbps)

1)Hey Baby (Give It All to Me) 2)Still Within Your Heart 3)Dirty Laundry 4)Nobody But You 5)If You Need Me 6)What You Gawn Do? 7)Summer Hot   Download…


Curtis Mayfield – Love Is the Place (1982) (320Kbps)

01)She Don’t Let Nobody (But Me) 02)Toot An’ Toot An’ Toot 03)Babydoll 04)Love Is The Place 05)Just Ease My Mind 06)You Mean Everything To Me 07)You Get All…


Curtis Mayfield – Something To Believe In (1980) (192Kbps)

01)Love Me, Love Me Now 02)Never Let Me Go 03)Tripping Out 04)People Never Give Up 05)It’s All Right 06)Something To Believe In 07)Never Stop Loving Me Download MP3…


Curtis Mayfield – Linda Clifford & Curtis Mayfield – The Right Combination (1980) (FLAC+128Kbps)

01)Rock You To Your Socks 02)The Right Combination 03)I’m So Proud 04)Ain’t No Love Lost 05)It’s Lovin’ Time (Your Baby’s Home) 06)Love’s Sweet Sensation 07)Between You Baby And…


Curtis Mayfield – Heartbeat (1979) (FLAC+192Kbps)

01)Tell Me Tell Me (How Ya Like To Be Loved) 02)What Is My Woman For 03)Between You Baby And Me 04)Victory 05)Over The Hump 06)You Better Stop 07)You’re…


Curtis Mayfield – Do It All Night (1978) (FLAC+192Kbps)

1) Do It All Night 2) No Goodbyes 3) Party, Party 4) Keeps Me Loving You 5) In Love, In Love, In Love 6) You Are, You Are…


Curtis Mayfield – Short Eyes (1977) (FLAC+192Kbps)

01)Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here 02)Back Against The Wall 03)Need Someone To Love 04)A Heavy Dude 05)Short Eyes Freak Freak Free 06)Break It Down 07)Another Fool…


Curtis Mayfield – Never Say You Can’t Survive (1977) (FLAC+192Kbps)

01)Show Me Love 02)Just Want To Be With You 03)When Were Alone 04)Never Say You Can’t Survive 05)I’m Gonna Win Your Love 06)All Night Long 07)When You Used…


Curtis Mayfield – Mavis Staples & Curtis Mayfield – A Piece Of The Action (1977) (FLAC+224Kbps)

01)Chocolate City 02)Of Whom Shall I Be Afraid 03)Orientation 04)A Piece Of The Action 05)Good Lovin’ Daddy 06)’Til Blossoms Bloom 07)Koochie, Koochie, Koochie 08)Getting Deeper   Download MP3…


Curtis Mayfield – Sparkle – By Aretha Franklin (1976) (FLAC+224Kbps)

01)Sparkle 02)Something He Can Feel 03)Hooked On Your Love 04)Look Into Your Heart 05)I Get High 06)Jump 07)Loving You Baby 08)Rock With Me   Download MP3 Uploaded |…


Curtis Mayfield – Give Get Take & Have (1976) (FLAC+192Kbps)

01)In Your Arms Again Shake It 02)This Love Is Sweet 03)P.S. I Love You 04)Party Night 05)Get A Little Bit Give Get Take 06)Soul Music 07)Only You Babe…

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