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Gwen McCrae – Let’s Straighten It Out (1978) (320Kbps)

01-Early Morning Love 02-Starting All Over Again 03-Tonight’s The Night 04-Signed, Sealed, Delivered 05-Let’s Straighten It Out 06-Love Insurance 07-At Bedtime Download MP3 Uploaded


Gwen McCrae – Psychic Hot Line (1996) (320Kbps)

01-Cry To Me 02-Loving Peter To Pay Back Paul 03-Standing Room Only 04-Do That To Me One More Time 05-Rocking Chair 06-Psychic Hot Line 07-Your Love Keeps Turning…


Gwen McCrae – Lay It On Me: The Columbia Years (1970-1972) (2010) (320Kbps)

01-Ain’t Nothing You Can Do 02-Goin Down The Road Feelin’ Bad 03-He’s Not You 04-Leave The Driving To Us 05-You Were Always On My Mind 06-Been So Long…


Gwen McCrae – Sings TK (2006) (192Kbps)

01-Rockin’ Chair (with a taste of Latimore) 02-Rock Your Baby 03-What You Won’t Do for Love 04-Jazz Freak 05-Please Don’t Go 06-Let’s Straighten It Out 07-Keep It Comin’…


Gwen McCrae – Live In Paris At New Morning (2006) (128Kbps)

01-90 Percent Of Me Is You 02-It’s Been Raining 03-Cradle Of Love 04-All This Love That I’m Givin’ 05-For Your Love 06-Lead Me On 07-Keep The Fire Burning…


Gwen McCrae – I’m Not Worried (2004) (128Kbps)

01-Waiting On You Lord 02-I’m Not Worried 03-Back To Church 04-At The River 05-Will You Meet Me 06-Last Days 07-Move On Up 08-Highest Praise 09-We Need Him 10-Walk…


Gwen McCrae – Still Rock’In (1999) (192Kbps)

01-Still Rock’In 02-Show Me The Sun 03-Long Way Home 04-Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love 05-Hurts Too Much To Talk About It 06-Loving Peter To Pay Back Paul 07-Psychic…


Gwen McCrae – Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (1997) (320Kbps)

01-Funky Sensation (Remix) 02-We’ve Got The Power 03-Only Takes One Touch 04-Does It Matter 05-Girlfriend’s Boyfriend 06-I’m Sorry 07-Pass It On 08-All This Love That I’m Givin 09-(You…


Gwen McCrae – The Best Of Gwen McCrae (1995) (320Kbps)

01-Rockin’ Chair 02-For Your Love 03-It’s Worth The Hurt 04-90% Of Me Is You 05-It Keeps On Raining 06-He Don’t Ever Lose His Grove 07-Winners Together Or Losers…


Gwen McCrae – Keep The Fire Burning (1994) (320Kbps) (Single)

01-Keep The Fire Burning 94 (Stone’s Platinum Diner Edit) 02-Keep The Fire Burning 94 (Stone’s Platinum Diner 12) 03-Keep The Fire Burning 94 (Rob Below’s Grand House Mix)…


Gwen McCrae – On My Way (1982) (320Kbps)

01-Hang In 02-Make Believe 03-Keep The Fire Burning 04-I Need To Be With You 05-Be For Real 06-Hey World 07-I Didn’t Take Your Man 08-Doin’ It Download MP3 Uploaded


Gwen McCrae – Gwen McCrae (1981) (320Kbps)

01-Funky Sensation 02-Poyson 03-Feel So Good 04-All My Love 05-Stood The Test 06-Do You Wanna Be Mine 07-No Deposit/No Return 08-Have A Good Time 09-Movement Download MP3 Uploaded


Gwen McCrae – Melody Of Life (1979) (320Kbps)

01-All This Love That I’m Giving 02-I Can Only Think Of You 03-Maybe I’ll Find Somebody New 04-I Found A New Love 05-The Joy 06-Ease The Pain 07-The…


Gwen McCrae – Rocking Chair (1975) (320Kbps)

01. Rockin’ Chair 02. Move Me Baby 03. He Keeps Something Groovy Going On 04. Let Them Talk 05. For Your Love 06. It’s Worth the Hurt 07….


Gwen McCrae – Something So Right (1976) (320Kbps)

01-Something So Right 02-Tears On My Pillow 03-Love Without Sex 04-Mr. Everything 05-Iron Woman 06-Damn Right It’s Good 07-Let Nature Take It’s Course 08-I’ve Got Nothing To Lose…

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