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Hamilton Bohannon – Footstompin’ Music (1998) (320Kbps) (Compilations)

01.South African Man 02.Foot Stompin’ Music 03.Keep On Dancing 04.Truck Stop 05.Red Bone 06.Rap On Mr. D.J. 07.The Pimp Walk 08.The Stop and Go 09.Disco Stompки 10.Bohannon’s Beat…


Hamilton Bohannon – The Very Best Of Bohannon – Funky, Wicked & Smooth (1995) (320Kbps) (Compilations)

01 – Bohannon’s Beat 02 – The Funky Reggae 03 – Foot Stompin Music 04 – South African Man 05 – Let’s Start II Dance Again 06 –…


Hamilton Bohannon – Essential Dance Floor Artists Vol 4 (1994) (320Kbps) (Compilations)

01.Truck Stop 02.South African Man 03.Red Bone 04.Bohannon’s Beat 05.Disco Stomp 06.Keep On Dancing 07.The Pimp Walk 08.The Fat Man 09.The Stop And Go 10.Foot Stompin’ Music 11.Dance…

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Hamilton Bohannon – It’s Time to Jam (1990) (192Kbps)

1.Let’s Start II Dance Again 2.Foot Stompin’ Music 3.Throw Down The Groove (Instrumental) 4.Let’s Start The Dance (Remix) 5.Rock And Groove Your Soul 6.Throw Down The Groove (Vocal)…


Hamilton Bohannon – Here Comes Bohannon (1989) (192Kbps)

1.House Train 2.Dance and Shout 3.The Gang’s All Here 4.The House Over the Hill 5.One for Levi 6.Over the Rainbow 7.I Ain’ t Got No Money 8.Bring Back…


Hamilton Bohannon – The Bohannon Drive (1983) (320Kbps)

1.Rock Your Body 2.Wake Up 3.Running From Your Love 4.Do It Good 5.Let’s Start The Dance III 6.Tell Me You’ll Wait 7.Enjoy Your Day Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – Make Your Body Move (1983) (192Kbps)

1.Make Your Body Move 2.Wrong Number 3.Don’t Leave Me 4.B.T. Is Doing The Raggae 5.School Girl 6.Funkville 7.Come Back My Love 8.Make Your Body Move (instrumental) Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – Fever (1982) (192Kbps)

1.The Party Train Sound (Part 1,2,3) 2.She’s A Boogie Woogie Freak 3.Thoughts And Wishes 4.What Is A Dream 5.I’ ve Got Dancing Fever Download MP3 Uploaded

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Hamilton Bohannon – Goin for Another One (1981) (192Kbps)

1.The Happy Dance 2.Goin’ For Another One 3.Do The Everybody Get Down 4.Don’t Be Ashame To Call My Name 5.Symphonic March 6.Thank You For Lovin’ Me Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – Alive (1981) (320Kbps)

01.Let’s Start The Dance Part II 02.Take The Country To New York City 03.Let’s Start II Dance Again 04.A Happy Song For You Part I 05.You’re The One…


Hamilton Bohannon – One Step Ahead (1980) (320Kbps)

1.Dance, Dance, Dance All Night 2.Throw Down The Groove (Part 1) 3.Is It Real 4.Thinking Of You 5.April My Love (Part 1) 6.April My Love (Part 2) 7.Do…


Hamilton Bohannon – Music in the Air (1980) (192Kbps)

1. Feel Like Dancin’ 2. Baby I’m For Real 3. The Hammer 4. Turn The Record 5. Thoughts And Wishes 6. The Funk Walk 7. Spring Is In…


Hamilton Bohannon – Too Hot to Hold (1979) (320Kbps)

1.The Groove Machine 2.The Boogie Train 3.Stop And Go 4.I’ll Be Here For You 5.The Time Is Now 6.Andrea 7.Love Floats Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – Summertime Groove (1978) (320Kbps)

1.Let’s Start the Dance 2.Listen to the Children Play 3.Me and the Gang 4.Lets Start the Dance [Finals] 5.I Wonder Why 6.Summertime Groove 7.The Street Dance Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – Cut Loose (1978) (192Kbps)

1.Cut Loose 2.The Beat (Part 2) 3.Mighty Groovy 4.Let Me See How You Do It 5.At Night Fall 6.That’s The Way It Goes Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – Phase II (1977) (320Kbps)

1.Andrea 2.But What Is A Dream 3.Daddy’s Little Son 4.Bohannon’s Disco Symphony 5.Isn’t It A Beautiful Morning 6.Just Doing My Thing 7.Moving Fast Download MP3 Uploaded


Hamilton Bohannon – On My Way (1977) (192Kbps)

1.Come Dance With Me 2.Maybe You Can Dance 3.I Found My Love On A Saturday 4.Git On Up 5.You And I 6.I Got To Stay Funky 7.On The…


Hamilton Bohannon – Dance Your Ass off (1976) (320Kbps)

1.Dance Your Ass Off 2.Spread The Groove Around 3.The Groove I Feel 4.Bohannon’s Theme 5.Zulu 6.Trying To Be Slick 7.Party People 8 Bohannon’s Beat 9 The Bohannon Walk…

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