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John Handy – Projections (1998)(192-320Kbps)

1. Three In One 2. Projections 3. Song of Uranus 4. Senora Nancye 5. Dance To the Lady 6. Sanpaku 7. Eros 8. All the Way To the…

Karuna Supreme - Two Originals - Rainbow (with Ali Akbar Khan)

John Handy – Karuna Supreme – Two Originals – Rainbow (with Ali Akbar Khan)(1975)(192Kbps)(CD1)(CD2)

CD1: 1. Ganesha’s Jubilee Dance 2. Karuna Supreme 3. Soul and the Atma CD1: 1. Rajashik — The Majesty of Wisdom 2. Indian Boogie Shoes 3. Rainbow Serenade…

Live at The Monterey Jazz Festival

John Handy – Live at The Monterey Jazz Festival (1996)(FLAC+192-256Kbps)

1. If Only We Knew 2. Spanish Lady 3. Tears of Ole Miss [Anatomy of a Riot] Download FLAC Uploaded | Turbobit Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


John Handy – Handy Dandy Man(19)(FLAC+320Kbps)

A1 Play The Music (I Feel Like Dancing) A2 Lady, Lady A3 Disco Samba A4 Everything You Touch (Turns Into Love) B1 I Gotta Let Her Know (How…


John Handy – Carnival(1977)(128Kbps)

A1 Carnival (3:25) A2 Alvina (6:11) A3 Watch Your Money Go (5:58) A4 I Will Leave You (5:15) B1 Love’s Rejoycing (8:17) B2 Make Her Mine (4:10) B3…


John Handy – Hard Work(1976)(128Kbps)

A1 Hard Work A2 Blues for Louis Jordan A3 Young Enough to Dream B1 Love for Brother Jack B2 Didn’t I Tell You B3 Afro Wiggle B4 You…


John Handy – New View(1967)(160Kbps)

1. Naima (In Memory of John Coltrane) 2. A Little Quiet 3. Tears of Ole Miss (Anatomy of a Riot) 54:16 Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit

The 2nd John Handy Album

John Handy – The 2nd John Handy Album(1966)(FLAC+192-256Kbps)

1 Dancy Dancy 5:37 2 Theme X 7:25 3 Blues For Highstrung Guitar 5:59 4 Dance For Carlo B 4:28 5 Scheme #1 13:46 6 A Bad Stroke…


John Handy – Jazz(1962)(320Kbps)

a-01 From Bird – 5:50 (John Handy) a-02 Blues For M.F. – 7:27 (John Handy) a-03 East Of The Sun – 7:54 (Brooks Bowman) b-01 No Smiles Please…


John Handy – In The Vernacular(1959)(FLAC+320Kbps)

1. I’ll Close My Eyes 2. First Time 3. Suggested Line 4. Problem Too 5. Quote, Unquote 6. Blues In The Vernacular 7. Dance To The Lady 8….

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