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Michael Brecker – Pilgrimage (2007) (320Kbps)

01-The Mean Time 02-Five Months From Midnight 03-Anagram 04-Tumbleweed 05-When Can I Kiss You Again 06-Cardinal Rule 07-Half Moon Lane 08-Loose Threads 09-Pilgrimage Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Michael Brecker – Wide Angles (2003) (192Kbps)

01. Broadband 02. Cool Day in Hell 03. Angle of Repose 04. Timbuktu 05. Night Jessamine 06. Scylla 07. Brexterity 08. Evening Faces 09. Modus Operandy 10. Never…


Michael Brecker – Directions in Music Live at Massey Hall (Live album) (2002) (320Kbps)

01-The Sorcerer 02-The Poet 03-So What_Impressions 04-Misstery 05-Naima 06-Transition 07-My Ship 08-D Trane Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Michael Brecker – Nearness of You- The Ballad Book (2001) (128Kbps)

01 – Chans Song 02 – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely 03 – Nasante 04 – Midnight Mood 05 – The Nearness Of You 06 – Incandescence 07…

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Michael Brecker – Time Is Of The Essence (1999) (128Kbps)

01-Arc Of The Pendulum 02-Sound Off 03-Half Past Late 04-Timeline 05-The Morning Of This Night 06-Renaissance Man 07-Dr. Slate 08-As I Am 09-Outrance Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Michael Brecker – Two blocks from the edge (1998) (128Kbps)

01-Madame Toulouse 02-Two Blocks from the Edge 03-Bye George 04-El Nino 05-Cat’s Cradle 06-The Impaler 07-How Long ‘Til The Sun 08-Delta City Blues Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Michael Brecker – Tales From The Hudson (1996) (128Kbps)

01-Slings And Arrows 02-Midnight Voyage 03-Song for Bilbao 04-Beau Rivage 05-African Skies 06-Introduction to Naked Soul 07-Naked Soul 08-Willie T. 09-Cabin Fever Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Michael Brecker – Don’t Try This At Home (1998) (256Kbps)

01-Itsbyne Reel 02-Chime This 03-Scriabin 04-Suspone 05-Don’t Try This At Home 06-Everything Happens When You’re Gone 07-Talking To Myself 08-The Gentleman & Hizgaine Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Michael Brecker – Now You See It… (Now You Don’t) (1990) (128Kbps)

01-Escher Sketch 02-Minsk 03-Ode To The Doo Da Day 04-Never Alone 05-Peep 06-Dogs In The Wine Shop 07-Quiet City 08-The Meaning Of The Blues Download MP3 Uploaded |…


Michael Brecker – Michael Brecker (1987) (128Kbps)

01-Sea Glass 02-Sysygy 03-Choices 04-Nothing Personal 05-The Cost Of Living 06-Original Rays 07-My One And Only Love Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit  

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