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Sleepy Brown is a RnB / Soul singer from Atlanta, Georgia and was a member of Dungeon Family, Organized Noize, Sleepy’s Theme, Society Of Soul. Here you can download all songs of Sleepy Brown, such as “I Can’t Wait”, “Margarita” and album “Mr. Brown”


Sleepy Brown – The Vinyl Room (1998) (320Kbps)

1. Intro 2. Can’t Let Go 3. Court Room 4. Choked Out Saturday Night 5. Still Smokin’ 6. The Carwash 7. Simply Beautiful 8. Bong Experience Dude!! 9….


Sleepy Brown – Mr. Brown (2006) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01. I’m Soul 02. Margarita (feat. Pharrell & Big Boi) 03. Get 2 It 04. Dress Up 05. One of Dem Nights 06. Me, My Baby, & My…

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