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The Bar Kays – Animal (1989) (192kbps)

1 – Animal 2 – Struck by You 3 – Stop Look What You’re Missing 4 – Someone Else 5 – Are U Available 6 – Get Your…

Banging The Wall

The Bar Kays – Banging The Wall (1985) (192kbps)

1.Your Place Or Mine 2.Banging The Walls 3.Paper Doll 4.Sex Driver 5.Dance Your Body Desara 6.Love Don’t Wait 7.Missiles On Target 8.Gina Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


The Bar Kays – House Party (2007) (169-235 kbps)

1. Sho-Nuff – (with Jazze Pha) 2. What Goes-N-da-Club Stays in da-Club – (with E-Dubb) 3. Superstar 4. Glad You’re My Lady 5. Hey Y’All 6. Let’s Git…


The Bar Kays – Propositions (1982) (192kbps)

1. Propositions 2. Tripping Out 3. Anticipation 4. Busted 5. Do It (Let Me See You Shake) 6. She Talks To Me With Her Body 7. I Can’t…


The Bar Kays – Dangerous (1984) (192kbps)

1. Dangerous 2. Dirty Dancer 3. Make Believe Lover 4. Dance, Party, etc. 5. Freakshow on the Dance Floor 6. Lovers Should Never Fall in Love 7. Loose…

Light of Life

The Bar Kays – Light of Life (1978) (192-212kbps)

1. Get Up ‘N Do It 2. Shine 3. I Learn You (You Learn Me) 4. Give It Up 5. Love’s Is What It’s All About 6. I’ll…


The Bar Kays – As One (1980) (192kbps)

1. Boogie Body Land 2. Say It Through Love 3. Work It Out 4. Body Fever 5. As One 6. Take The Time To Love Somebody 7.Open Your…


The Bar Kays – Injoy (1979) (256kbps)

1.More And More 2.Move Your Boogie Body 3.Running In And Out Of My Life 4.Girl I’m On Your Side 5.Loving You Is My Occupation 6.Today Is The Day…

Flying High On Your Love

The Bar Kays – Flying High On Your Love (1977) (320kbps)

1.Shut The Funk Up 2.Standing On The Outside 3.Woman Of The Night 4.Whatever It Is 5.Can’t Keep My Hands Off You 6.Let’s Have Some Fun 7.Attitudes 8.You Can’t…


The Bar Kays – Money Talks (1978) (192kbps)

1.holy ghost 2.feelin alright talks 5.mean mistreater 6.holy ghost Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


The Bar Kays – Too Hot To Stop (1976) (320kbps)

1. Too Hot To Stop 2. Cozy (1976) 3. Bang, Bang 4. Spellbound(1976) 5. Shake your rump to the funk 6. You’re So Sexy 7. Summer Of Our…

Cold Blooded

The Bar Kays – Cold Blooded (1974) (192 – 199kbps)

1.Coldblooded 2.Harmony 3.In The Scheme Of Things 4.Waiting And Hating 5.Smiling, Styling, & Profiling 6.Frame Of Mind 7.(I’ve Got To) Use My Imagination 8.Fightin’ Fire With Fire 9.Would…


The Bar Kays – Do You See What I See (1972) (320kbps)

1.Do You See What I See? 2.God Is Watching 3.Be Yourself 4.You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 5.You’re Still My Brother 6.I Was Made To…

Black Rock

The Bar Kays – Black Rock (1971) (192kbps)

1.Baby I Love You 2.I’ve Been Trying 3.You Don’t Know Like I Know 4.Dance To The Music 5.A Piece of Your Peace 6.Six O’Clock News Report 7.How Sweet…

Gotta Groove

The Bar Kays – Gotta Groove (1969) (184 – 207kbps)

1.Don’t Stop Dancing (To The Music) Part 1 2.Is This World Were Mine 3.In The Hole 4.Funky Thang 5.Jiving ‘Round 6.Grab This Thing 7.Don’t Stop Dancing (To The…

Soul Finger

The Bar Kays – Soul Finger (1967) (192kbps)

1.Soul Finger 2.Knucklehead 3.With A Child’s Heart 4.Bar-Kays Boogaloo 5.Theme From Hell’s Angels 6.You Can’t Sit Down 7.House Shoes 8.Pearl High 9.I Want Someone 10.Hole In The Wall…

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