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Hey Leroy

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Hey Leroy (1968) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01-Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Callin’ You 02-Bang, Bang 03-Our Day Will Come 04-Ham Hocks Espanol 05-How Beautiful You Are 06-Hey Willie 07-Oh, Yeh 08-Winchester Cathedral 09-Southen Fried Frijoles…

It's Just Begun

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun (1972) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01-Creation (Prologue) 02-It’s Just Begun 03-Troglodyte (Cave Man) 04-You Better Be Good (Or The Devil Gon’ Getcha) 05-Psyche 06-L.T.D. (Life, Truth & Death) 07-My Brightest Day 08-Bad 09-I…

Dimension III

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Dimension III (1973) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01-Revelation 02-The Last Ole 03-How Beautiful You Are 04-I’m Not A Child Anymore 05-Helpless 06-Bridge Over Troubled Water 07-Soul Serenade 08-A Whiter Shade Of Pale 09-The Lone Range…

Phase Two

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Phase Two (1972) (320Kbps)

01-Fanfare (Prologue) 02-Say Leroy (The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Your Father) 03-Luther The Anthropoid (Ape Man) 04-Party Life 05-When? 06-Paradise 07-The First Time I Ever Saw…

The Everything Man

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Everything Man (1974) (320Kbps)

01-Maggie 02-Walk On The Wild Side 03-The Everything Man 04-Love Train 05-Love’s Theme 06-Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time 07-For All We Know 08-Heaven Kissed 09-Goodbye My…

E-Man Groovin

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – E-Man Groovin (1976) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01-E-Man Groovin’ 02-Space Age 03-I Love A Mellow Groove 04-Dracula, PT. 1 05-Everything Is Beautiful To Me 06-Super Love 07-I Don’t Want To Lose You 08-Dracula, PT. II…


The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Supersound (1975) (320Kbps)

01-Supersound 02-King Kong 03-Bom Bom 04-A Groove Will Make You Move 05-Drifting 06-Magic In The Music 07-What’s Best Download MP3 Uploaded

Butt Of Course

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Butt Of Course (1975) (320Kbps)

01-E-Man Boogie 02-Bertha Butt Boogie 03-One Precious Word 04-Hallucinations 05-Potential 06-You Make Me Feel Brand New 07-Daniel 08-Let’s Party Now Download MP3 Uploaded

The Jimmy Castor Bunch

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Jimmy Castor Bunch (1979) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01-Don’t Do That 02-Need Your Lovin’ 03-Party People 04-Psych-Out 05-Goodbye! 06-I Just Wanna Stop Download FLAC Uploaded Download MP3 Uploaded

Let It Out

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Let It Out (1978) (320Kbps)

01-Let It Out 02-Bertha Butt Encounters Vader 03-Future Place 04-The Real McCoy 05-Sweetooth 06-The Mystery Of Me 07-My Brightest Day 08-Time 09-She’s All I Need 10-You Light Up…

Maximum Stimulation

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Maximum Stimulation (1977) (320Kbps)

01-E-Man Par-Tay 02-Maximum Stimulation 03-Equal People 04-Mind Power 05-TR-7 06-Magnolia 07-The Return Of Leroy (Pt 1) 08-The Return Of Leroy (Pt 2) 09-It Was You 10-Man Download MP3…

The Return Of Leroy

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Return Of Leroy (1983) (256Kbps)

01-The Return Of Leroy (Part 1) 3:49 02-The Return Of Leroy (Part 2) 3:11 03-It’s Just Begun 5:48 04-(Tellin’ On) The Devil 5:00 05-Don’t Cry Out Loud 3:48…


The Jimmy Castor Bunch – C (1980) (320Kbps)

01-Star Spangled Banner/The Now Song 02-Stay With Me/Spend The Night 03-Con Man 04-Stairway To Heaven 05-Can’t Help Falling In Love 06-Don’t Cry Out Loud 07-Godzilla 08-The Mummy Download…

The Everything Man

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Everything Man: The Best (1995) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01-Hey, Leroy, Your Mama’s Callin’ You 02-Southern Fried Frijoles 03-It’s Just Begun 04-Troglodyte (Cave Man) 05-Say Leroy (The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Your Father) 06-Maggie 07-Bertha…

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