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Bernie Worrell – Improvisczario (2007) (320Kbps)

01) New Boss (8:37) 02) Up In The Hills (6:12) 03) Bass On the Line (4:28) 04) Dirty (6:12) 05) Killer Mosquito (9:14) 06) OK, You Can Leave…


Bernie Worrell – Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey (1997) (320Kbps)

01) Hope is Here (6:06) 02) Afrofuturism (Phazed One) (16:28) 03) In Pursuit (9:15) 04) Woo Awakens, The Wizard Cometh (11:01) 05) Re-enter Black Light (Entersection) (6:26) 06)…


Bernie Worrell – Pieces of Woo – The Other Side (1993) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01) Witness for the Defense (5:18) 02) Set the Tone/Victory (9:47) 03) The Mask (7:45) 04) Gladiator Skull (4:16) 05) Moon Over Brixton (5:54) 06) Judie’s Passion Purple…


Bernie Worrell – Blacktronic Science (1993) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01) Revelation in Black Light (2:22) 02) Flex (6:05) 03) Time Was (Events in the Elsewhere) (7:21) 04) Blood Secrets (6:50) 05) Dissinfordollars (6:28) 06) The Vision (8:05)…

Bernie Worrell – Funk Of Ages (1990) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01) Sing (4:34) 02) B.W. Jam (3:31) 03) Funk-A-Hall-Licks (5:22) 04) Ain’t She Sweet (5:02) 05) Y-Spy (4:28) 06) Real Life Dreams (4:43) 07) Beware Of Dog (2:37)…


Bernie Worrell – All the Woo in the World (1978) (320Kbps)

01) Woo Together (4:36) 02) I’ll Be With You (7:33) 03) Hold On (5:00) 04) Much Thrust (3:56) 05) Happy To Have (Happiness On Our Side) (7:44) 06)…

Alive In America

Steely Dan – Alive In America (1995) (FLAC+320kBit/s) (Live)

01. Babylon Sisters (6:47) 02. Green Earrings (5:20) 03. Bodhisattva (5:47) 04. Reelin’ In Years (6:24) 05. Josie (6:12) 06. Book Of Liars (4:19) 07. Peg (4:19) 08….

Yellow Peril

Steely Dan – Yellow Peril (2005) (320kBit/s) (Bootleg)

01-Brain Tap Shuffle-02:51 02-Come Back Baby-03:58 03-Don`t Let Me In-04:03 04-The Old Regime-03:05 05-Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)-05:26 06-Mock Turtle Song-03:18 07-Soul Ram ( 08-I Can`t Function-03:53…

Android Warehouse

Steely Dan – Android Warehouse (1998) (320kBit/s) (Bootleg) (CD1-2)

CD1 01-You Go Where I Go-02:00 02-A Little With Sugar-03:27 03-Roaring of the Lamb-03:00 04-Charlie Freak-02:34 05-Sun Mountain-02:48 06-Oh Wow It’s You-02:34 07-Undecided-02:58 08-Caves of Altamira-03:13 09-Any World…

You Got To Walk It Like You Talk It1

Steely Dan – You Got To Walk It Like You Talk It (1971) (320kBit/s) (Bootleg)

1. You Gotta Walk It Like you Talk It (Fagen, Becker & Locke) 2. Flotsam And Jetsam (Becker, Fagen & Vance) 3. War And Peace (Discepolo) 4. Roll…

Citizen Steely Dan

Steely Dan – Citizen Steely Dan (1993) (320kBit/s) (Compilations) (CD1-4)

CD1 01-Do It Again-05:56 02-Dirty Work-03:08 03-Kings-03:45 04-Midnite Cruiser-04:08 05-Only A Fool Would Say That-02:57 06-Reelin’ In The Years-04:37 07-Fire In The Hole-03:28 08-Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under…

Everything Must Go

Steely Dan – Everything Must Go (2003) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-The Last Mall-03:36 02-Things I Miss The Most-03:59 03-Blues Beach-04:29 04-Godwhacker-04:57 05-Slang Of Ages-04:15 06-Green Book-05:55 07-Pixeleen-04:01 08-Lunch With Gina-04:27 09-Everything Must Go-06:45 Download FLAC Uploaded | Turbobit…

Two Against Nature

Steely Dan – Two Against Nature (2000) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-Gaslighting Abbie-05:53 02-What A Shame About Me-05:17 03-Two Against Nature-06:17 04-Janie Runaway-04:09 05-Almost Gothic-04:10 06-Jack Of Speed-06:17 07-Cousin Dupree-05:28 08-Negative Girl-05:34 09-West Of Hollywood-08:21 Download FLAC Uploaded |…


Steely Dan – Gaucho (1980) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-Babylon Sisters-05:56 02-Hey Nineteen-05:10 03-Glamour Profession-07:33 04-Gaucho-05:32 05-Time Out Of Mind-04:14 06-My Rival-04:34 07-Third World Man-05:16 Download FLAC Uploaded | Turbobit Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit


Steely Dan – Aja (1977) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-Black Cow-05:12 02-Aja-07:56 03-Deacon Blues-07:37 04-Peg-03:56 05-Home At Last-05:34 06-I Got The News-05:06 07-Josie-04:31 Download FLAC Uploaded | Turbobit Download MP3 Uploaded | Turbobit

The Royal Scam

Steely Dan – The Royal Scam (1976) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-Kid Charlemagne-04:38 02-The Caves Of Altamira-03:33 03-Don’t Take Me Alive-04:16 04-Sign In Stranger-04:24 05-The Fez-04:01 06-Green Earrings-04:05 07-Haitian Divorce-05:51 08-Everything You Did-03:55 09-The Royal Scam-06:31 Download FLAC Uploaded…

Can't Buy A Thrill

Steely Dan – Can’t Buy A Thrill (1972) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-Do it Again-05:57 02-Dirty Work-03:08 03-Kings-03:45 04-Midnite Cruiser-04:08 05-Only a Fool Would Say That-02:57 06-Reelin’ in the Years-04:37 07-Fire in the Hole-03:28 08-Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me)-04:21…

Katy Lied

Steely Dan – Katy Lied (1975) (FLAC+320kBit/s)

01-Black Friday-03:41 02-Bad Sneakers-03:21 03-Rose Darling-03:07 04-Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More-03:16 05-Doctor Wu-03:57 06-Everyone’s Gone to the Movies-03:47 07-Your Gold Teeth II-04:14 08-Chain…

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