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Climax Blues Band – Live, Rare & Raw 1973-1979 (4CD) (2014) (CBR 320Kbps)

CD1: 01. All The Time In The World (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973) [00:06:32] 02. I Am Constant (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973) [00:04:50]…


Climax Blues Band – Live At Rockpalast 1976 (2013) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-I Am Constant 02-Amerita – Sense of Direction 03-Running Out of Time 04-Country Hat 05-Come on in My Kitchen 06-Using the Power 07-Going to New York 08-Seventh Son…


Climax Blues Band – Big Blues (2004) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Little Red Rooster 02-Spoonful 03-Seventh Son 04-Third Degree 05-I’m Ready 06-Wang Dang Doodle 07-My Babe 08-I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man 09-You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At…


Climax Blues Band – 25 years (2CD) (1994) (CBR 320Kbps)

CD1: 01-Don’t Start Me Talking 02-Wee Baby Blues 03-Flight 04-Hey Baby Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 05-Louisiana Blues 06-Briefcase 07-That’s All 08-Shoot Her If She Runs 09-Rich Man 10-Mole…


Climax Blues Band – Blues From The Attic (1993) (CBR 320Kbps)

01. Fool for the Bright Lights 02. Chasing Change 03. Don’t Start Me Talking 04. Take Me Back to Georgia 05. So Many Roads 06. Seventh Son 07….


Climax Blues Band – Drastic Steps (1988) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-California Sunshine 02-Lonely Avenue 03-The Deceiver 04-Ordinary People 05-The Winner 06-Couldn’t Get It Right 07-Fool For The Bright Lights 08-Good Times 09-Trouble 10-American Dream 11-Couldn’t Get It Right…


Climax Blues Band – Live At Marquee (1984) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Blackjack And Me 02-Friends In High Places 03-Movie Queen 04-Chasing Change 05-Country Hat 06-Sign Of The Times 07-Couldn’t Get It Right 08-What You Feel 09-Gotta Have More Love…


Climax Blues Band – Collection ’77-’83 (1984) (CBR 320Kbps)

01. Gotta Have More Love (3:31) 02. Mistress Moonshine (5:17) 03. Champagn And Rock’n’Roll (3:28) 04. Children Of The Night-Time (4:00) 05. Black Jack And Me (4:09) 06….


Climax Blues Band – Sample And Hold (1983) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Friends In High Places 02-Sign Of Time 03-Walking On Sunset 04-Shine 05-Movie Queen 06-Heaven And Hell 07-Listen To The Night 08-Doin’ Alright 09-I’m Ready 10-The End Of The…


Climax Blues Band – The River Sessions (1982) (FLAC+CBR 160Kbps)

01-Blackjack And Me 02-Cuttin’ Up Rough 03-Shake It Lucy 04-Couldn’t Get It Right 05-Evil 06-Horizontalised 07-Last Chance Saloon 08-Gotta Have More Love 09-Going To New York 10-Johnny B….


Climax Blues Band – Lucky For Some (1981) (CBR 320Kbps)

01 Victim 02 Cuttin’ up Rough 03 Shake It Lucy 04 Oceans Apart 05 Breakdown 06 Darlin’ 07 This Time You’re The Singer 08 Last Chance Saloon 09…


Climax Blues Band – Flying The Flag (1980) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Gotta Have More Love 02-So Good After Midnight 03-Horizontalized 04-I Love You 05-Hold On To Your Heart 06-Dance The Night Away 07-Money Talkin’ 08-Blackjack And Me 09-Nothing But…


Climax Blues Band – Real To Reel (1979) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Summer Rain 02-Money In Your Pocket 03-Children Of The Nightime 04-Long Distance Love 05-Lovin’ Wheel 06-Fallen In Love (For The Very Last Time) 07-Fat City 08-Crazy World Download…


Climax Blues Band – Shine On (1977) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Makin’ Love 02-Mistress Moonshine 03-When Talkin’ Is Too Much Trouble 04-The Gospel Singer 05-Whatcha Feel 06-Teardrops 07-Like A Movie 08-Champagne And Rock ‘n’ Roll 09-Makin’ Love (Edit) Download…


Climax Blues Band – Couldn’t Get It Right (1976) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Couldn’t Get It Right 02-Reap What I’ve Sowed 03-Looking For My Baby 04-Like Uncle Charly 05-Reaching Out 06-Milwaukee Truckin’ Blues 07-That’s All 08-Mole On The Dole 09-Towards The…


Climax Blues Band – Gold Plated (1976) (CBR 320Kbps)

01. Together And Free 02. Mighty Fire 03. Chasing Change 04. Berlin Blues 05. Couldn’t Get It Right 06. Rollin’ Home 07. Sav’ry Gravy 08. Extra Download MP3 Uploaded


Climax Blues Band – Stamp Album (1974) (CBR 320Kbps)

01. Using The Power 02. Mr. Goodtime 03. I am Constant 04. Running Out of Time 05. Sky High 06. Rusty Nail / The Devil Knows 07. Loosen…


Climax Blues Band – Sense Of Direction (1974) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Amerita / Sense Of Direction 02-Losin’ The Humbles 03-Shopping Bag People 04-Nogales 05-Reaching Out 06-Right Now 07-Before You Reach The Grave 08-Milwaukee Truckin’ Blues 09-Reaching Out (Short Version)…

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